Questions and Answers

Where to buy a ticket to Vietnam

Try one of the online services: or Closest airports are Saigon and Nha Trang

Do I need to prebook kite school services?

Of course! It’s possible that you will come to Vietnam and will not find an instructor or equipment …

Do you teach kids?

We have a special instructor with a greate experience who knows how to teach children. If you want to teach your child, it is better to book in advance the children’s instructor . With regard to age, our opinion is that anyone over 5 years old and weighing between 25-30 kg can safely begin to learn kiting)

How organised working day at the station?

The start of classes defines instructor individually depending on your level and weather conditions. Usually, the wind strengthened to dinner so beginners engaged in the first half of the day, experienced startd with the lunch. Periodically we organize evenings with students where we watch and analize the footages.

Do I need a visa to Vietnam?

Please check list of countries required visa:

Do I need a sports insurance and where to get it?

Sports insurance is necessarily needed. It is not much more expensive than usual but covers sports injuries. We can make it for you or you can buy it in any insurance company.

How many money to take for a vacation to Vietnam

All depends on your needs. We recommend taking about $200 in a week. At least 10$ for a day with meals and bike.

In what currency carry money

If you don’t have vietnamese dongs, take dollars or euros)

Is there Wi-Fi at the station?

We are located on the Blue Shell hotel territory wheyou can use free Wi-Fi.

Do I need a scooter to move around Mui Ne

It just needs you, it’s hard to imagine how to live in Mui Ne without a scooter: length of the village about 20 km! Rent a scooter is only $ 5 per day, and it is possible to travel around region!

Do you organize excursions?

Of course, we know a lot of things as we live here a longtime. And we happy to show you all the beauty of Vietnam.

What you need to have with you for teaching kiteboarding

You will need a standard set of beginner:

  • boardshorts (without them we do not teach)
  • cap or panama
  • glasses with a rubber band, it is desirable special for kitesurfing (Ocean for example)
  • sunscreen 50+
  • Lycra

Is there are dangerous animals or insects in Vietnam?

Any restaurant here suggest a crocodile for dinner, we can only guess is there are dangerous creatures in Vietnam. Of course there is, somewhere, but we haven’t met them yet) What unpleasantly dangerous we know about Vietnam:

  • Beach flea – a very nasty bloodsucking creatures live on the beach in the sand, very small.  The bites are very itchy and scratched. Prevention are repellent or coconut oil.
  • Ordinary mosquitoes – the same as in your country, just says that can be carriers of Dong fever.
  • Jellyfish – something ball-type 20-centimeter tail. During influx just wear a long sleeves and pants.
  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, of course, any cards and even electronic money or bitcoins. But we haven’t a terminal, means payment will be through the online payment system or PayPal.

    Do you organize a transfer if we live in the hotel in Mui Ne?

    Of course, no matter which hotel you live, when you order services on the station we will arrange you free transfer to the spot and back to the hotel!